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Sports coverage demands more than data, sports fans want improved statistics and detailed analysis of all the events on the match. wTVision developed an array of Data Management systems to provide the best comparisons and data storage capabilities in the market. 

wTVision’s tools were designed to support broadcasters, federations and clubs with detailed data of the whole championship during and after the competition.

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SportStats Center imports data from SportStats and automatically updates standings and rankings, providing up-to-date competition's statistics, in real-time. This system can be used on a match-by-match basis or in championship-wide events. 

As a powerful database system, SportStats Center enables the delivery of relevant data and reports to clubs, federations, journalists, commentators or other media related companies. Data can then be distributed through our dedicated website, that makes it possible to export reports in excel format or through Web Services to feed Match Centers, Websites, TV and Mobile applications, and other companion devices.



SportStats Commentator provides updated statistics and reports for sports commentators, allowing a more detailed and in-depth game analysis. It can be used to display results from several games taking place simultaneously.



Intelligent statistics module that provides cross-data advanced analysis (e.g. no shots on goal in the last 30 minutes).