Sports Solutions

Ready, Set, Graphics!

Live Event Coverage

wTVision's saves you time and money while delivering a flawless graphics coverage!

wTVision provides Data Scouting and Graphics Coverage Services for more than 5000 live broadcasts every year and has produced dozens of successful projects in 40 different sports!

With several offices around the world and with local partnerships elsewhere, our operators will be able to reach your venue anywhere in the globe!

Our scalable solution allows our operators to cover from a small one-time event to whole season championships!

Our services:

Data Scouting Operation

Our expert teams gather all the game’s data and store the information using the company’s software, turning it into detailed statistics.

Graphics Coverage

During the event, our operators use SportSlides to cover all the competition’s graphics launching infographics with the collected information, in real-time.

Championship-wide & Multi-Source Data Management

Our sports solutions integrate data from official data providers, managing information, in real-time! 

Graphics design and implementation

Our experience designers create innovative graphics visual concepts according to your identity and needs, from scratch. After the creative process (made by us or by the client) we implement the graphics using a partners graphic platform. We work with the major graphic platforms of the market.  

Technology Integration 

We integrate Tracking Systems and Virtual Graphics to enrich your broadcast.

All required Hardware & Software for your broadcast needs

Our Staff

Specialized Operators

Every wTVision's team assigned to a sports project contains one or several sports analysts. These professionals are experts on a given sport, having extensive knowledge about its rules, and handle data gathering and graphics playout procedures during live broadcasts, ensuring that the valid and precise information goes on-air at the right moment.


Our Programmers prepare our Software for each specific requirement. We integrate external official data sources such as timers, scoreboards, GPS or third-party technologies such as tracking systems and virtual graphics enriching the information with extensive statistics. 


Our experienced Designers may create your Graphics Look-and-Feel according to your references or we will implement the graphics created by the client in our solutions. wTVision’s experience in developing creative graphics for any kind of TV program guarantees a high level service.