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Test our new generation of products at NAB!

wTVision will be presenting its new software framework at NAB Show (April 24-27), in Las Vegas, and that includes the latest releases of its main products (ChannelMaker V5, Studio CG V5 and FootballStats CG V5) but also the first public presentation of ChannelMaker-in-the-Cloud, a fully hosted cloud playout system, based on Amazon Web Services Infrastructure and announced last month. Visit us at NAB Show for free, at the booth SL8130, using our guest pass code: LV9662.  

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wTVision launches ChannelMaker-in-the-Cloud with the support of ATEME

wTVision, in partnership with ATEME, has just demonstrated a fully hosted cloud playout system, based on Amazon Web Services Infrastructure. ChannelMaker-in-the-Cloud is based on the latest version of wTVision’s playout automation solution and will open up a complete new range of possibilities for broadcasters worldwide.

This setup takes a live contribution from local facilities, encodes it with ATEME's KYRION CM5000 and streams the content, as a live input source, to ChannelMaker-in-the-Cloud, which is entirely hosted in Amazon Web Services. ChannelMaker sequences and plays out clips previously uploaded to Amazon Simple Storage Service, mixing them with state of the art 3D graphics overlays and encoding everything to an output stream that is sent to a channel distribution center and decoded via the ATEME's KYRION DR5000 where it follows a traditional path towards distribution. DR5000 can receive feeds from two IP sources (besides 4xRF inputs and 2xASI inputs), allowing the system to automatically switch to the backup in case of failure on the data transmission.  

The successful tests showcased the power of wTVision's mixed environment tools where local station media can be automatically detected by wTVision's Media Agent and uploaded to Amazon without user intervention, making it immediately available for sequencing.

A cloud version of wTVision Media Manager, that allows the sequencing of media that may still not be available in the cloud but is present at a local facility, is also part of the setup. When this happens, ChannelMaker-in-the-Cloud automatically requests missing media and locally installed media agents will transfer the required clips in time for playout. wTVision is focused on transitioning traditional workflows to the cloud in a painless process.

“This cloud based solution is the next step in the broadcasters’ ability to offload technical complexity. They can now do away with high investment architectures and shift to a proven platform, that is hosted in a highly available and highly reliable infrastructure, creating a cloud extension to existing business or start off on the right foot with a focus on content”, states Alex Fraser, CTO and founding partner of wTVision.

The innovative system was successfully tested for the first time in December and will be presented to the public at NAB Show, to take place in Las Vegas, from the 22nd to the 27th of April. The flexibility of ChannelMaker, that allows broadcasters to easily create, optimize or expand a TV channel, will now enter a new phase in which portability will be key.

“ATEME has always been committed to offering best-in-class encoding solutions to many broadcasters for whom video quality matters. We have been looking for and have been available to innovative partners and projects. wTVision playout in the cloud solution is part of an innovative partnership strategy to propose broadcasters a disruptive, flexible and efficient solution while keeping the best video quality possible”, commented Vincent Pedregno, Sales Manager for southern Europe at ATEME.

ChannelMaker can be delivered either as a channel-in-a-box, a multi-system solution or an advertising insertion tool and can be fully customized to any specific requirements. As an automation system for scheduling and video & graphics playout, ChannelMaker stands side by side with other operational processes and wTVision has a suite of support solutions that assure a flawless workflow to any TV channel for ingest, traffic and storage, media asset management, and much more.
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wTVision partners with the Portuguese Football League on the first trial of the Video Assistant Referee

The Portuguese League tested the Video Assistant Referee for the first time on the Final Four of the Portuguese League Cup and wTVision (together with Medialuso and Mediaburst - two other Mediapro companies) is the partner behind the implementation and operation of this innovative technology, after a tripartite agreement between FIFA, IFAB (International Football Association Board) and Liga Portugal. The invitation from the Portuguese League for wTVision to take part in the launch of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in Portugal follows a very successful collaboration between the two parties that have been working together on the technologic development of the professional football in Portugal.

To get to this stage, in which the system is tested offline, meaning that there is no communication between the VAR and the main referee but everything is tested in a real match, wTVision (through its parent company Mediapro) had to fulfill all the FIFA requirements, namely participate in the workshops organized by the body that rules world football, and train highly specialized professionals. The process also included the training of the VARs on the technology side of the operation, to make sure everything was ready for the first semi-final of the League Cup, played on January 25, between Vitória FC and SC Braga.

The VAR is assisted by an AVAR (Assistant Video Assistant Referee), both referees in activity or retired, that have the essential support of one or two Replay Operators, wTVision professionals with a vast experience in sports operations and in charge of selecting the cameras, angles and duration  of the replays used by the VAR to review the critical moments of the match.

The League Cup final played on January 29, between SC Braga and Moreirense FC was, therefore, one more step of Mediapro towards the FIFA certification for the official use of this technology that might revolutionize football. Online tests, in which the main referee can require the assistance of the VAR, will follow in friendly matches and wTVision will keep its commitment to assure the highest quality and remain in the forefront of sports technology.
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wTVision and Mediapro take over the TV production of the main events in Bolivian Football

It all started in 2014 with the graphics for the Bolivian Football League and, in only three years, it grew so much that nowadays wTVision and Mediapro are in charge of the broadcast of all the main football events that take place in Bolivia: the Bolivian League, the World Cup Qualifiers, the Copa America, the U-20 and U-17 South American Cups and weekly shows about the national league. The process was consolidated, last year, with the inauguration of wTVision’s office in Bolivia, in the city of Santa Cruz.  
For this broad project, wTVision and its parent company Mediapro built a team that now rounds 60 professionals, made up of directors, producers, operators and assistants. To make it all run smoothly, wTVision implemented a powerful PCR solution, that includes several of the company’s main products: FootballStats CG (scouting system and on-air graphics controller), Studio CG (integrated solution to manage and control on-air graphics and videos, on newscasts and live studio shows), Media Tools (ingest and trimming software) and wTVision Media Manager.  

The TV production comprises two HD Mobile Production Units, nine Cameras (including a super slow motion one), two Micro Cameras, three Replay Systems, two Production Centres and a Satellite Ground Station. The Ground Station is shared with the client of this major project, THE GAME, the company that owns the full broadcasting rights of the Bolivian League (“Liga de Fútbol Profesional Boliviano”) and the Bolivian national football teams. THE GAME delivers the matches after completing all production stages and it is also in charge of the TV commercials spaces during the broadcasts and the static advertisement on the stadiums. 
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wTVision partners with STATS to provide the official statistics of Africa Cup of Nations

wTVision was the official statistics provider for the Total Africa Cup of Nations 2017, that took place in Gabon and was won by Cameroon, on February 5. The match statistics of the biennial African football competition were collected through FootballStats CG, wTVision’s software to gather, manage and compare football data, including player and team performance data through STATS SportVU® tracking system.

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New graphic concept for M’bora Dividir?

The Angolan actress and TV presenter Dicla Burity is walking the streets of Luanda, the capital of Angola, to host her new show M'bora Dividir?, whose complete branding concept was developed by wTVision’s creative team. Colors, logo, title sequence, wipes and counters were some of the graphic aspects created by wTVision for this interactive show that premiered in January, in Angola and Mozambique.

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