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Our experience in sports includes thousands of live events coverage in over 40 different Sports. wTVision offers its services through a scalable solution that ranges from small one-time events to whole championships broadcasts.

We take care of every step during your sports transmission. Our designers create the templates, sports analysts collect data and operators manage the on-air graphics playout on the field. We handle everything so you don’t need to worry using our product SportStats CG! We also offer turn-key products with dedicated data scouting interfaces for each kind of sport.

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Election Coverage

Elections CG is a solution designed to produce real-time on-air graphics for election nights.

wTVision's vast experience in election specials includes full on-air graphics services for over 90 election broadcasts to different TV channels around the world.

We integrate our Elections CG with third-party technologies to make more dynamic and interactive presentations, such as: tablets, touch screens, virtual sets, augmented reality graphics, among others.

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Live Studio Programs

wTVision developed Studio CG, a powerful graphics and video controller making it ideal for your production room environment!

Studio CG controls both your real-time graphics platform and your video server, allowing you to play videos as well as graphics from a single integrated environment that also connects to your Newsroom System of choice for a streamlined and cost effective solution. Studio CG easily integrates your news production workflow, by being connected to other wTVision’s systems or to third-parties.

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CG Builder is the ideal solution for Entertainment Programs.

This customizable and programmable application adapts to each show's specific requirements by controlling a large array of technologies from a single place, such as voting systems, lights, videowalls, tablets, among many others.

We already produced over 90 different TV shows with CG Builder!

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Playout Automation

ChannelMaker is a scalable and flexible Playout Automation System with an integrated on-air graphics controller.

wTVision's MCR solutions consist of a full suite of applications that seamlessly work together to provide optimized workflows for each channel's requirements.

Due to its open architecture, ChannelMaker can be easily integrated on a multi-sistem architecture or set up as a channel-in-a-box solution.

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