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SportStats CG

SportStats CG is the framework of all our products. It is used to gather, manage and compare sports data, transforming that information into on-air graphics in a fast, simple way. Each product may be customized to the client’s specific requirements and integrated with external data sources or with third-party technologies. 

Two main Applications compose this product: SportStats and SportSlides.

Check bellow SportStats CG Suite Architecture:

SportStats CG - Main Applications


Scouting system, with an intuitive user interface that adapts to each sport, to gather a wide range of statistical information and manage it in real-time. This application labels information according to the type of event collected (pass, goal, etc.) and the sport being played, and sends it to the database for storing purposes.


Powerful 3D on-air graphics application controller that receives information from the database (SportStats) and displays it through any kind of on-air graphics, by controlling the graphic engine (Vizrt, Orad, Chyron, Ross Video, VRi…).

SportStats CG

Premium and Single Operation Editions

Some of wTVision’s sports products have two “editions”, a Premium and a Single Operation Edition. 

Premium Editions

For a complete broadcast, with a very detailed picture of the game we suggest our premium products. With these, you can collect deep levels of information such as: "Player X takes a left footed shot from inside penalty area and scores a goal, to right high. Assist on the goal came from Player Z". This information can then be used for reports, matchcenters, mobile applications, broadcast graphics, etc. 

Single Operation Editions

For “less complex” broadcasts we suggest our single operation editions that can turn a graphics coverage on a “one-man-show”. 

Through a touch screen solution a single operator controls both the data scouting as well as the real-time on-air graphics.

The system suggests the on air-graphic that goes with the statistics collected so that the operator doesn’t have to be doing the two operations simultaneously. Statistics like, “do you want to show this yellow card?” or comparisons between teams are just one click away with this smart system.

Also, the internal logic engine for graphics transition allows the operator to just keep launching the graphics and the system will know what to take out, if there’s something on the screen, at the exact moment.