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Studio CG

wTVision's PCR Solutions cover the major issues of a live production center including real-time Graphics Coverage, Video Playout and Newsroom System Integration as well as other PCR support applications such as: Ingest, Media Asset Management, Transcoding, Drop Folders, and more.

Studio CG

Studio CG is a powerful graphics and video controller making it ideal for your production room environment!

Studio CG controls both your real-time graphics platform and your video server, allowing you to play videos as well as graphics from a single integrated environment that also connects to your Newsroom System of choice for a streamlined and cost effective solution. Studio CG easily integrates your news production workflow, by being connected to other wTVision’s systems or to third-parties.

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Controlling Real-Time Graphics

Studio CG controls all major graphic engines in the market (Vizrt, ORAD, Ross Video, Chyron…). New graphics templates are created by your designers, using your CG platform’s existing design tool and Studio CG detects the data entry fields, creating intuitive data entry forms, for manual input. This saving process lets you create new graphics templates with the simplicity and freedom you need for your everyday operations.

These templates are also made available on your Newsroom System. Studio CG ActiveX, installed on a journalist Newsroom System workstation, allows her to choose from the program's existing graphic templates and to edit its content directly. These edited "pages" will be instantly available for playout on Studio CG via wTVision's MOS Gateway.

A Studio CG Preview Server can be added to provide updated graphics with user content, to make sure the final composition looks perfect. This server will serve multiple journalists simultaneously and provide updated screenshots every time a change is made.

Studio CG possesses an advanced Screen Manager that enables you to visually define the way you want your graphics to interact and to automatically choose the right animations to play based on what's already onscreen. This system avoids inadvertently having your graphics clashing. It also allows multiple graphics to display simultaneously with no operator effort. Screen Manager will know exactly when to take out a graphics.

Controlling Videos

By integrating with wTVision Media Playout Server, Studio CG allows operators to Playout video clips, enabling a single operator to manage both videos and graphics. In the newsroom environment, Studio CG integrates seamlessly with your newsroom system providing a complete MOS protocol workflow, from journalists workstation's ActiveX add-ons that allows journalists to search, preview and access the videos previously catalogued, to manage video and graphics, to a MOS Gateway that automatically creates a Studio CG rundown synchronized with Newsroom System, in real-time.

External Sources Data Integration

If you have an external information source, you’ll like to hear that our Studio CG can receive data from external sources (XML, RSS, TXT, CSV…). Data may show up on screen from your preferred data sources automatically.

Ready-to-use Graphics Packs

Studio CG may come with a complete library of ready-to-use graphics templates. These are available for several graphic platforms.