Augmented Reality for European Volleyball Champions League

May 31, 2021

Together with Mediapro and Omnicam, wTVision provided a once-in-a-life TV show to volleyball fans all over the world. This was our first time providing AR graphics for a Volleyball competition.

In a joint effort with Mediapro, responsible for the live production of the event, and Omnicam4sky, our team delivered a complete Augmented Reality service for CEV Champions League Volley finals, in Verona.

Our broadcast design team was the first to step into action by creating (based on the competition’s official look and feel) and implementing the Augmented Reality graphics. Our creative team is no stranger to quickly adapting to different sports or formats and delivering an immersive experience with an original look.

Operations on site were then assured by wTVision’s production team, who gathered and integrated data into the live broadcast and the virtual graphics displayed. Our team also made sure graphics were on air at the right moment.

To design this project from the technical point of view, we relied on a combination of our on-air graphics and video controller, Studio CG, with our very own render engine, R³ Space Engine. Data was inserted manually into Studio CG and controlled by our production team.

Studio CG’s capacity to integrate with third-party services played a key factor in the outcome of all AR graphics displayed. Our controller integrated with Omnicam4sky and made it possible to generate the fantastic camera effect presented during the live match.

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