Chile Plebiscite covered with Studio CG

November 28, 2020

Augmented Reality graphics were broadcasted during Chile’s latest electoral night, thanks to a combination of wTVision’s graphics controller, Studio CG, and R³ Space Engine.

wTVision was part of Chile’s latest electoral night and developed an Augmented Reality solution to follow every update regarding the country’s plebiscite .

In a live broadcast for the channel La Red, and in a partnership with the production company TVTEL, the designed system was able to provide viewers with real-time results, that were integrated by Studio CG and broadcasted in innovative virtual graphics. Additionally, a virtual map of Chile, highlighting all of the regions of the country was also broadcasted as an augmented reality graphic.

This particular election coverage was possible thanks to a PCR solution that combines wTVision’s on-air graphics and video controller, Studio CG, with the real-time 3D rendering engine, R³ Space Engine.

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