Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct reflects the principles that serve to guide us in acting responsibly and helping us when making decisions at work.


Wisdom Tele Vision – Sistemas Informáticos para Televisão, Lda. Board of Directors and the governing bodies of the majority-owned subsidiary companies part of “Mediapro Group” or “Group”, wish to solemnly and unequivocally express their commitment to ethical management and to compliance with the law in all areas of their business and geographical locations.

The Mediapro Group is a group of businesses strongly dedicated to implementing an ethical code, which is reflected in the relationships with our employees, our customers and our suppliers. All these relationships are based on ethical principles, which allow us to offer quality products as a result of responsible behaviour and integrity.

This Ethical Commitment by the Mediapro Board of Directors extends to all Group employees. Through the commitment by all the Group employees to accept and respect the ethical values, these ethical values become our main endorsement as a business Group.

The Mediapro Group’s Ethical Commitment should be guided by the values that inspire us: integrity, responsibility and quality.


means doing what is right. By acting according to our Ethical Commitment, others are able to see our ethical way of doing things.


means complying with legal provisions. Our actions are characterised through compliance with the Law.


means aiming for business excellence; working to obtain the profits that allow us to consolidate our project and expand into new initiatives that strengthen the group, all based on ethical and responsible actions.

All these values are interrelated and shape the image of the Group. Therefore it is important to apply this Ethical Commitment on a daily basis.

How we treat each other is in accordance with the previous principles, and it also applies to our relationships with third parties. Therefore, these values also apply to our customers, suppliers and any person or entity in general with whom we have a relationship. Geographically, these values apply regardless of the location of the Mediapro Group employees or the Group companies where they render their services.

The Mediapro Group has a Code of Conduct which all employees must comply with and which should help solidify our Ethical Commitment in our everyday activities.

The Group has established some formal channels for reporting behaviour that goes against this Ethical Commitment and the Code of Conduct. These channels can be used by both Group employees and customers and suppliers. Specifically, these reports can be sent using the form provided on the Group Portal or via an e-mail to

The reports are received and examined by the Corporate Compliance Committee, which then will send a report to the Group’s Corporate Compliance Officer, who decides whether the Code of Conduct has been violated. These reports are treated confidentially in compliance with the legislation on personal data protection.

Any queries relating to the Ethical Commitment or the Code of conduct should be sent to the following address:

We on the Mediapro Group Board of Directors and the governing bodies of the majorityowned subsidiary companies are convinced that this Ethical Commitment makes us stronger, more demanding of ourselves and more successful in our business objectives in the interest of all the Group employees.