Cycling returns to the Portuguese roads

September 29, 2020

The biggest Portuguese cycling competition is back and wTVision is responsible for all on-air graphics and data, thanks to its very own software and a live operations team present at all stages.

The biggest cycling competition in Portugal, “Volta a Portugal”, returned to the roads after months of waiting and is back with on-air graphics and data provided by wTVision’s software and live operations team.

Until October 5, our team of specialists will follow the competition, making sure the most relevant information is broadcasted in the most appealing graphics during the long hours of each race. At each stage, two wTVision operators and one coordinator cover every relevant event and turn it into real-time graphics.

The project includes CyclingStats CG (wTVision’s scouting system and on-air graphics controller for Cycling events) and R³ Space Engine (a flexible real-time 3D render engine).  wTVision’s CG system can calculate distance to finish line, time gaps between groups or even show cyclists ID’s and performances in real time.

wTVision has been the official provider of the broadcast graphics and data integration of the major Cycling event in Portugal for the last two decades and the collaboration continues this year, despite the natural restrictions.

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