Estoril Praia’s Stadium debuts giant screen powered by wTVision technology

March 22, 2016

On the 30th of January, wTVision worked in partnership with Backlight, to provided a giant screen solution for Estoril Praia’s stadium, placed in Cascais, Portugal.

During the game, between Estoril Praia and FC Porto, the screen was used to display match day information, present players, show stats, scores and advertisement offering fans a high-quality experience with dynamic screen display management.

Combining power and cost optimization, this project included the customization and implementation of the graphics (from the portuguese league), the dedicated software solution - FootballStats CG - Giant Screen Edition and the operational service.

FootballStats CG - Giant Screen Edition includes different modules: a data scouting system, a graphic engine, a playout controller, a ticker manager and an advertising clips manager. wTVision has been providing giant screen solutions, for the last 10 years for stadiums with capacities over 50.000 people. Some examples are SLBenfica or Sporting Club de Portugal.

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