Learn more about wTVision's work in Belgium! In December, what did the team cover?

January 11, 2013

Jupiler League Every week, wTVision’s team covers 8 games of the Jupiler League. Working for Telenet and Voo a team of 4 operators (1 spotter, 1 scouter, 1 graphics operator and 1 to take care of the virtual graphics) work together to cover 3 games, in stadium, of the main National Football Competition in Belgium. These games are broadcast in HD.

The other 5 games are covered in studio environment by 2 operators working for Belgacom, Telenet and Voo. Other two operators cover all graphics of Belgacom’s Multilive program that allows viewers to check the highlights of games happening simultaneously.

Belgacom League On the second division, two operators (scouter + graphics operator) cover, per week, two games of the Belgacom League to Belgacom.

Cofidis Cup wTVision covers the graphics of Cofidis Cup games broadcast in VRT.

Europa League

3 operators (1 spotter + 1 scouter + 1 Graphics Operators) cover these games for RTL and VRT, in the stadiums.

Ethias League Every week, wTVision is also covering two Basketball games from the Ethias League for Belgacom.

Champions League Working for Belgacom, 1 operator takes care of these games in Studio Environment. The games of the Champions League are also broadcast in the MultiLive program of Belgacom with the support of this wTVision’s graphics operator.

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