2013 in Review and main goals for this new year of 2014

January 23, 2014

I would like to start this New Year by sharing with you some numbers from 2013 as well as some main goals for 2014.

I would also like to highlight my pride in all our people, from our Software Developers to our Graphics Designers through our Project Managers to our Production Operators and the passion they put everyday in every project, no matter what it is or where it is located, to continually deliver the best solutions to our clients.

Thanks to the excitement and dedication of everyone, we have successfully transitioned from a local Lisbon based company to become a respected company with 9 offices in 4 continents (Europe, North and South America and Asia), in the last 13 years, growing every year and giving us the possibility to look ahead for a promising future with more and new challenges.


  • 8 Election projects in several clients in Bulgaria, Portugal and India
  • 1 New product development – wTVision Media Asset Manager (MAM)
  • 1 New release of Studio CG adding the ability to control not only the Graphics Engines but also independent video servers, simultaneously from one single interface
  • 4572 Live Sports Broadcasts
  • 17 Different sports from which 1 new product - SnookerStats CG
  • 26 Surf Competitions in 8 different countries (Australia, United States, Brazil, Portugal…)
  • 6 Poker Events in 5 different countries (Italy, Slovenia, Panama, Peru, Colombia)
  • 17 Judo competitions in 15 different countries
  • 27 Football competitions from which 7 National Championships
  • 9 Motorsports competitions in Brazil
  • 6 Entertainment programs (Big Brother, Secret Story…)


Productivity Tools We are focusing our next generation applications and framework on productivity gains, with better and faster ways to achieve common tasks so you can do more, in less time.

Playout Automation We are designing the next ChannelMaker apps with a number of significant improvements. Besides supporting the newest versions from our video serving partners we are also upgrading our internal Video Server for a complete range of options for your next MCR project. ChannelMaker itself is getting a lot of attention regarding ease of use and reliability.

Sports We're working on SportStats CG v5, with many new ideas about ways to enhance real-time sports scouting and to add value to any live sports broadcast. We're also making it easier for you to manage your competition with a cloud based offering of Sports Stats Center v2 that fits effortlessly into your broadcasting workflow.

Design & Channel Branding We're also empowering our Creative and Graphics Department with new and talented artists and designers, equipment and rendering power to introduce our Branding and Creative Skills to the global market.

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