MVM rebranding produces immediate results

November 23, 2016

wTVision’s rebranding of MVM produced immediate results with a reported growth of 300% in its TV audience since the new look was aired for the first time in September. MVM is broadcasted in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique and it is focused on fashion,music and lifestyle. The international expertise and flexibility of wTVision were determinant to produce effective results across three different countries.

The owner of MVM, NexTV, is very pleased with the results and its General Manager and Head of Content, Pedro Dias, emphasized a great partnership, “that brought together our intention of rebranding the channel and the creativity and enthusiasm of wTVision’s professionals.” The creative team of the company used warm colors to give a fresher and younger look to MVM, developing a new identity with the intention of targeting a young, tech-savvy audience that is very much into music and the latest trends.

“A work of the highest quality and a great capacity to absorb our input were the norm throughout the entire process. Besides that, wTVision always met our tight deadlines in a rigorous way. After this experience and the results achieved so far, we would not hesitate to work with wTVision again”, stated Pedro Dias, when asked to describe the rebranding process.

wTVision’s bid was one of the several proposals considered by NexTV. The creative project presented (new logo, bumpers, an animated bug, stings and an audio toolkit) and wTVision’s multidisciplinary experience in the field led to the final choice.[vc_video link=""]

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