On-Air Talks Webinar

On-Air Talks is a digital event for the broadcasting technology industry. Each webinar is dedicated to a different broadcasting field (Sports Productions, Production Control Room and Master Control Room) and lectures include customers’ experience, products’ demos and debates regarding the main challenges of the industry.


What you can expect


Technology Webinar

Follow every session to discover what we’ve been creating as a broadcast technology company. Talks include playout automation, PCR solutions, sports coverage, design and creativity, and AR trends.


Product Demos

Get the chance to watch our specialists demonstrate live what they’ve been working on. wTVision’s in-house built software stack has been providing broadcasting solutions for hundreds of partners.


Online Content

Find every On-Air Talks session on our official YouTube channel and the rest of wTVision’s social media platforms. Stay tuned to watch live every event or just rewatch our webinars when you feel like to.


Dealing with empty stadiums: AR Solutions

From Viewers to Leagues, how Data Gathering Insights is impacting Sports’ industry

Demo: Managing FootballStats CG to cover matches around the world

Demo: Boost the interactivity of your Sports Broadcasts with our Touchscreen Solution

Single Operation Solution for Sports Leagues with tighter budgets

AR³ Football Demo

Boost Your Sports Operation!

<p>Live Production</p>

The power of photorealistic Virtual Sets on Live Productions

Studio CG Demo

eSports – Engaging League of Legends’ fans during a Live Tournament

Make your Live Show Run Smoothly!

<p>Playout Automation</p>

Demo: ChannelMaker, a simplified Playout solution to easily manage a TV Channel

IP Virtualization: Sharing Rede Amazônica’s on-going project

How can a TV channel be managed from anywhere?

Eleven Sports Portugal: Building a channel from the ground up

Improve Your Channel Now!

<p>InsertAR Demo</p>

Leave Your Channel in Our Hands!