Real-time 3D render engine

R³ Space Engine & Designer

A flexible real-time 3D render engine that seamlessly integrates with the rest of wTVision’s technology, covering the main software necessities of any major TV channel.

Graphics & Video

Main Benefits



Cost-effective solution with animation tool and rendering on the same software



Integrates with wTVision technology or any other provider of choice



Integrates with multiple technologies like Stype, Unreal Engine or tracking systems

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Key Features

2D and 3D graphics

Fill & key output

3rd-party model import

Live video input

Supports any computer architecture with Directx® 11

Web page/browser as texture

Keyframe animation editor

Touch sensitive primitives and objects

2D & 3D DVE

Supports 8-bit and 16-bit Bits Per Channel (BPC)

Boost your real-time graphics workflow

Graphics & Video

Designer Tool

Easy and intuitive tool to create any kind of 2D or 3D on-air graphics for TV broadcasts, including augmented reality or virtual sets. Create design elements, import pre-existing elements or include external sources as elements like live video or webpages.

Graphics & Video

Render Engine

Receive triggers from render engine controllers to playout all kinds of 2D and 3D broadcast graphics. Fill & Key outputs. Able to integrate with Unreal Engine to create more realistic virtual graphics. Can playout graphics in UHD HDR.

Graphics & Video
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Boost your real-time graphics workflow