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ChannelMaker is a flexible playout automation software to control the schedule and the media content of any TV channel. It can be delivered either as a channel-in-a-box, a multi-system solution or an advertising insertion tool and can be fully customized to your specific requirements.

ChannelMaker-in-a-box is turnkey playout software that fits anything necessary to manage a tv channel inside a single box. It includes playout control, scheduling tools, graphic engine and designer, and input controller for Live.

Playout Automation

Main Benefits



Our ChannelMaker-in-a-box solution includes everything you need to start or upgrade your TV channel



Can be integrated in a workflow already set with a wide range of third-party technologies



Software customizable to each broadcaster's needs


Easy Operation

Intuitive interface that allows you to control the complete TV channel schedule in few clicks

Why choose us

Key Features

Playout software for easy scheduling

SDI SD/HD and IP output

Multi-channel control from a single workstation

Playlists and schedule import from traffic systems

As-run log generation

Automatic media validation

Alarms for rundown inconsistencies

Live feed control

Supports wTVision Media Playout Server (H264/AVC Pro, MJPEG, DVC Pro 25/50/HD, DNxHD), reducing the need to transcode

Integrates with a wide range of third-party technologies: video servers, graphic platforms, MAM systems, video mixers, video routers, GPIO controllers and cue tone readers/inserters

Automatic EPG and Now/Next graphics content

Part of wTVision’s MCR complete ecosystem

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Playout Automation

Preparing your Rundown

wTVision offers a scalable, flexible and extremely customizable channel automation solution, designed to ease channel management operations.

Playout Automation

Content Validation & Monitoring

A single failure in your workflow might mean a costly break in your broadcast. To help you assure a flawless broadcast, we developed several tools to bring security and comfort to your TV channel.

Playout Automation

Alerts & Timers

ChannelMaker automatically verifies if all content you want to playout is ready to go on-air. If not, it displays an alert on the interface and creates a countdown timer for that error, indicating the time you have to correct it. On the top right corner, there are also timers for the end of the playlist, for the next live event, or for any other content you want to track.

Playout Automation

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