Channel Recording Software


A robust turnkey system for legal recording and on-air content review. A simplified solution to fit everything necessary to perform the legal recording and ad placement validation of your TV channels inside a single box. The software allows you to record up to 8 different channels according to hardware capabilities.

Playout Automation

Main Benefits



A ready-to-use solution with software and hardware. If you need to record HDMI channels, we include a breakout box to convert up to 4 HDMI HD channels into SDI.


24/7 Recording

Configure 1, 4 or 8 channels continuous recording through SDI or HDMI input sources and customizable resolution up to Full HD



Access software's interface to control all video and audio recordings and outputs through a web browser. Login from anywhere.

Why Choose Us

Key Features

Hardware configuration from 1 to 8 channels

Combination of SDI and HDMI input sources

Record up to 16 audio channels

Customizable recording resolutions (up to Full HD)

NTP Client for accurate time synchronization

Remote access through its web front-end

Closed captioning text export

Can include a breakout box to convert HDMI sources in SDI

Playout Automation

Easy Configuration

With hardware set, you can easily configure all input channels you want to record. From 1 to 8 channels, you can choose the input source and recording format desired for each channel configured. Add advanced configuration if needed.

Playout Automation

Browse on your channels broadcast

Thanks to an intuitive interface, you can easily choose the input channel you want to watch. Choose the day and hour you want to see or navigate by days, hours, or minutes. Preview the video and audio to confirm you are where you wish and export the minutes you wish at the desired resolution. All this with just a few clicks.

Review your channels rundown easily!