Electoral Data Management

Elections CG

The ideal solution to generate broadcast graphics, in real time, during electoral events. The software obtains updated electoral data from official authorities, managing it in real-time and transforming it into different broadcast graphics formats, reports, commentators, and online apps. Thanks to this way of managing electoral data, it is possible to do data comparisons to provide a better understanding for the audience.


Main Benefits



The solution automatically receives official electoral data and updates, in real-time, every platform you are using (on-air graphics, reports, commentators, websites, and applications)



Whether you are planning a small electoral coverage production or a complex one with data being spread in multiple platforms, this solution is ready to cover your requirements



The solution can be set alone or integrated on an existing live production workflow to help you save costs


Complete Service

Working on a service-based solution, we include graphics design, software customization and operation before and during the election night to guarantee no failures

Why Choose Us

Key Features

Data import from multiple sources simultaneously, for redundancy, such as FTP accounts, web services and official websites

Front-end for manual data insertion

Real-time broadcast graphics in different formats (e.g. tickers, maps, charts, augmented reality)

Integration with the major graphics engine on the market (including our R³ Space Engine)

Adaptable to any language

Integration with third-party technologies, contributing to more dynamic and appealing broadcasts

Integration with mobile devices and touch screens to control graphics and data displayed

Websites and web applications automatic data update

Start preparing your next election night now!


All kinds of elections coverage

Local, general or presidential elections and local referendums; Elections CG is ready to cover any kind of election night. Provide the official data provider and we can take care of everything from there: graphics design and implementation, software customization and installation, and operation services during elections night to guarantee works perfectly and every graphic is displayed at the right time.


Improve Interactivity

Elections CG can integrate with touch screens and tablets technologies to control which graphic is displayed at each time. This way, you can allow your TV anchor or commentators to choose what they want to see in real-time and select the data they want to display.


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