Download Management System

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A download management system that lets you source all kinds of internet content into assets available in your local network. Download all kinds of content from the internet (latest sports results, traffic data, social media content, and so on) and use it in all formats needed during broadcasts.

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Main Benefits



Download all content you need from the internet to use during broadcasts. It allows you to use online content even if the internet connection fails.



The software integrates seamlessly with other wTVision applications to turn your cloud feeds into local network feeds.



Set time and periodicity for content downloads and let the software work automatically.

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Key Features

Download JSON / XML / HTML / TXT / Images or any custom content from the internet

Manage all your download sources from one centralized cloud-based manager

Schedule content downloads at any time and with any periodicity

Transform, filter and maintain your content to match your workflow needs

Create your own custom download workflow to fit a specific web service architecture and format

Supports intricate multi-level API calls that chain together to reach deeply nested content

Download all content you need for your broadcast!