On-Air Graphics and Video Controller

Studio CG

A powerful integrated solution that allows broadcasters to manage and control on-air graphics and videos, from one single interface, on any kind of live studio show. Implement graphics templates and populate the data fields through manual input or through data feeds. This software can integrate information from multiple data feeds and automatically populate the graphics templates available with the information required.

Production Control Room

Main Benefits



In one single interface, you can create a rundown of videos and graphics, edit them and decide where they should be displayed during your live show


Multiple Integrations

The software can integrate with third-party technologies to receive or send content, control peripherals, and control video servers and graphic engines


Multiple Use Cases

Makes it easy to manage your production workflow for news, sports, financial, entertainment, or any kind of live show

Why Choose Us?

Key Features

Integration with all the major graphic engines in the market (including our R³ Space Engine)

Intuitive data entry forms for manual input

Data Feeds integration for automatic graphics input

Advanced intelligent scenes system to avoid graphics overlaying

Integration with several newsroom systems

Integration with MAM systems

Integration with all the major video servers in the market (including wTVision Media Playout Server)

Multiple videos output management

Controls external peripherals such as clocks, buzzers, lights and also works with GPI

Integrates information from different voting systems

Receives text and call-in votes and manages this data in real time

Supplies real-time lights, scoring, and videowall feedback based on the contestants' responses in real-time

Take your live show to the next level!

Production Control Room

Perfect Fit for Newscasts

This software has everything you need to produce your newscasts with no failures. Thanks to its integration with newsroom control systems, journalists can search for media and graphics available on the server, preview, edit, and sequence them the way they wish to build the newscast rundown before it goes on air. Studio CG also integrates with AP ENPS, Octopus NRCS, Avid iNEWS, Avid MediaCentral and others.

Production Control Room

Over 100 plugins

Studio CG connects with multiple plugins so it can be ready for any challenge presented by your channel. Our software has a "scriptable layer" that allows us to custumize it according to all client needs. Receive data from voting systems, control video walls output, playout the same information in multiple formats or control external peripherals like clocks, buzzers, and lights. Do everything you wish, including working from a non-linear editing station (like Adobe Premiere), thanks to our NLE Studio Editor - it allows users to get access to the graphics library and apply them onto video clips.

Production Control Room

Interact with viewers through Social Media

Integrate Studio CG with social media content curation tools and interact with your viewers at home, creating a whole new experience. Create interactive experiences (like conversations, polls, quizzes, and competitions), receive the most relevant data on the software and transform it into impactful on-air graphics to display in real-time.

Production Control Room

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