Engage viewers with augmented reality

AR³ Football

AR³ Football enhances football broadcasts by adding Augmented Reality into live football matches and creating a more appealing and entertaining experience for fans and viewers all over the world.


Main Benefits


Easy Setup

Automatically extracts Camera Parameters and Lens Distortion to calibrate cameras and graphics



Includes Graphics Editor to customize Augmented Reality graphics


Easy Operation

Intuitive interface to easily display graphics and control camera tracking



High-quality Augmented Reality graphics

Why Choose Us

Key Features

Fast Camera Calibration and Recalibration

Lens Distortion Calibration

Switch between cameras with just one click

Jog / Shuttle integration

Chroma Key Filter

Multi-Camera Augmented Reality

Ball Speed Measurer

Virtual Offside Line

Virtual Distances to Defenders and to Goal

Virtual Placement on the Pitch or at the Stands

Boost Your Sports Broadcast with Augmented Reality!


Tied-to-the-field Graphics with Real-Time Data

Display team's and players' real-time data in a completely different way. From general statistics (ball possession, passes, or shots on target) to a heat map with teams' occupation of the pitch, you can create a new experience for viewers at home.


Virtual Crowds and Stadium

We're capable of generating state-of-the-art virtual crowds (for matches with no audience in the stands) and virtual stadiums for an immersive environment. This solutions return the thrill of sport to television broadcasts.


Virtual Advertising

Increase your sponsorship solutions with virtual graphics before, during and after each match! With the ability to create graphics on the pitch or at the stands, you can generate a whole new way of watching ads in image or video formats.

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Boost your Sports Broadcast!