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SportStats Suite

A powerful suite of applications prepared to collect detailed sports statistics, integrate third-party data, and generate state-of-the-art broadcast graphics. From basic sports data to highly detailed statistics, this suite of applications allows you to collect all information needed regarding players, teams, and sports competitions. The software transforms the data gathered (in real-time and competitions history) into on-air graphics and can also suggest the graphic you should display.


Main Benefits



Can be used in all kinds of sports competitions. The solution is adapted to the respective sport (Football, Basketball, MotorSports, among others).



Available in team operation edition (and more detailed data) or single-operator edition for smaller operations and budget.



Gather highly detailed information and display multiple graphic templates in just some clicks.

Why Choose Us

Key Features

Real-time intelligent statistics based on collected events

Intuitive and effective operation

Integrate with tracking systems for a more detailed data

Manages and edits game clock

Detailed game movie

Controls all the major graphics engines in the market (including wTVision’s R³ Space Engine)

Automatic broadcast graphics suggestions based on statistics gathered

High customizable team tactics

Display on-air graphics in multiple formats

Take your Sports Broadcast to a new level!


Gather and/or Integrate Data

SportStats CG can gather highly detailed data of your match or sports competition. If you already have a sports data provider, we can integrate that information into our system to transform it into powerful broadcast graphics. You also have the option to do both things. It means, you can integrate data from your official data provider and use SportStats CG to register the more instant data you need to display in real-time (yellow and red cards, goals, extra time, among others).


Transform data in powerful graphics

Whatever your data provider is, SportStats CG transforms the statistics gathered into powerful broadcast graphics. You can include only 2D graphics with time, score, team formation, kicks, among others. Or you can take your sports broadcast to another level and display augmented reality graphics with the pitch area where a player or a team spent most of the time.


Get Reports

Having statistics for analysis after the match is a required need for most sports competitions. SportStats CG organizes all data gathered in intuitive reports for coaches, teams, and federations. Get insights from each game, player, team, or an overview of all competition.

Software solutions for all Budgets and Competitions!


Single Operator Edition

For competitions that don't need highly detailed data, we have Single Operator Edition. This version of SportStats CG allows you to gather the most relevant data from a sports match like goals, time, shots, yellow and red cards, among others. At the same time, you are able to playout broadcast graphics with data gathered from the same interface. The software automatically suggests graphic templates to display at each time, according to statistics registered.

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