Safe at home thanks to remote playout solution

April 7, 2020

wTVision developed an hybrid playout automation solution, that makes it possible to monitor and broadcast all channels while keeping every co-worker and partner in a safe environment.

The global crisis we are all facing forced the broadcasting industry to rethink and adjust its practices in order to keep every co-worker, partner, and client in a safe controlled environment.

Having that in mind, it was urgent to create a solution that would not demand wTVision’s MCR team to carry their operations in the usual infrastructures and it was essential to focus on a playout automation system that could be delivered with no risks.

wTVision developed a hybrid working model, to make sure all channels continue their broadcasts under a secure networking environment.

This remote playout control solution is possible thanks to a secure VPN connection to wTVision's Playout Center, that allows operators at home to access all functions they would normally perform, including all video streams, through a web based multiviewer with very low latency. This makes it possible to remotely monitor all inputs, outputs and alarms.

Specialized operators have complete control over the channel’s rundown including all real-time operations, such as live shows and ingest.

“wTVision has provided us with a remote integrated broadcasting environment guaranteeing the safety of our staff while maintaining a high delivery capacity and a high-end quality broadcast capability, across our Linear and Digital platforms. A completely remote environment, including a remote Audio customization for both archive and long tail content”, stated Jorge Pavão de Sousa, Managing Director at Eleven Sports Portugal, one of the many channels to whom wTVision provided its safe playout solution.

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