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Our broadcast design team creates consistent creative concepts from scratch to enrich any TV production or channel, as well as the viewers' experience. Our creative team is ready to develop complete branding packages, including openers, logos, bumpers, wipes, counters or closing credits design, for any TV show or format.
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Broadcast Graphics 2020/2021. Consistent creative concepts to enrich any TV production or channel, as well as the viewers experience.
2.Broadcast Graphics
After receiving the branding from the client or from our broadcast design team, our specialists implement the graphics, integrating all the requirements demanded by your operation with any platform in the market. On-air graphics may be presented in many formats: full-screen graphics (maps or charts, for instance), tickers, overlay graphics or augmented reality, and our team is prepared to work with every specification required.
3.Augmented Reality
Our team has the capacity to develop both the creative and technical aspects to implement the most impactful virtual graphics, using advanced motion design and compositing software products. We understand how important Augmented Reality solutions are to positively impact viewers during any broadcast.
4. Virtual Sets
We have years of experience designing multi-angle virtual sets, as well as creating animated 3D virtual graphics, mixing them with live video inputs to be presented on any TV show or advertisement project.
Our creative team understands the branding and editorial guidelines behind any broadcaster they work with and create compelling promos, trailers, and ads to connect with viewers.

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