Production Control Room

On-Air Graphics
& Video

wTVision’s PCR solutions provide all the tools necessary for your live production: real-time graphics, video playout control, newsroom system integration, NLE integration, and ingest.

Production Control Room

Custom Live Productions

Our solutions can be entirely customized for your digital events, entertainment show, or news production. wTVision’s PCR tools are built with a high automation basis, that allows channels to save time, resources and choose the working model most suited for their infrastructures.

Production Control Room

Build your live production:

On-Air Graphics and Video Controller

Studio CG is a powerful integrated solution that allows you to manage and control on-air graphics and videos for live shows, all from one single interface.

Real-time 3D rendering engine

Complete your graphics workflow with our cost-effective solution R³ Space Engine, a flexible rendering engine that seamlessly integrates with the rest of wTVision’s technology.


Our production team can make your set-up a little easier by controlling and managing all real-time graphics, video, and data. They’re prepared to work with multiple partners, integrate your technology with our workflow and adapt to your location.

Production Control Room

Multiple Integration


NRCS Plugin

We can connect your newsroom with a growing list of newsroom control systems including ENPS, ANEWS, iNEWS, and MediaCentral | UX.


NLE Plugin

Studio CG NLE Plugin integrates wTVision’s graphics workflow into the non-linear editing (NLE) workflow. It allows you to get access to their on-air graphics library and apply them.


Social Media Content Curation

Our set of solutions and integrations allow you to curate social media content and display it during any live show, in real-time.


Multiple Partners

With a couple of adjustments we’re prepared to integrate your technology or regular partners into our PCR automation workflows.

Virtual Solutions

Augmented Reality

Our team of specialists has the capacity to create appealing virtual solutions and the knowledge to develop both the creative and technical aspects to implement Augmented Reality during live broadcasts.


Election Coverage

We work in close partnership with broadcasters all over the world to understand their needs and build state-of-the-art election solutions, delivering a unique experience to the audience. From presidential elections to local referendums, our solutions are adaptable to any kind of environment and language.


Add-ons we can provide:

Touchscreen Solutions

Voting Systems

Biomedic Data

Control Lights

Video walls


Make your Live Show Run Smoothly!