Playout Automation

Playout Infrastructures

Our Playout Centers in Lisbon and Miami can accommodate your channel’s broadcasts using the workflow of your choosing. Our MCR runs 24/7 and can work as a remote center, an on-premises facility, or a hybrid playout solution.


Our own Infrastructures

Operators on-site make sure everything is completely functional during the long hours of broadcast. They are prepared for your typical rundown, control advertisement insertion, and live special events.

Our Playout Centers are equipped with wTVision’s MCR software stack and are capable of accommodating any channel in their preferential workflow, guaranteeing safety, backup, and operational support.

Playout Automation

Playout Center
in Lisbon

Join our Playout Center in Lisbon where you’ll find constant technical support and a team that adapts to your every need.
The proximity to our developers and operations team makes it easy to build an MCR solution from the ground up, accommodate your pre-existing workflow, or simply broadcast your once-in-a-lifetime broadcasting event.

Playout Automation


Our technological hub in Lisbon is also equipped with an Ingest station, recording booths and is prepared to receive any external signal.
Operators on-site work 24/7 to make sure our playout systems work perfectly and are ready to adapt to the specifications of your content.

Playout Automation


Our Playout Center in Miami can help you accommodate your channel’s broadcasts with wTVision’s MCR software stack. Playout content for every part of North and South America from one single headquarters prepared to create your workflow from scratch or accommodate your existing structure.

Playout Automation

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