Playout Automation

Playout Automation

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A Flexible Master Control Room

wTVision develops integrated solutions for any Master Control Room, offering scalable, flexible and customizable working models, designed to ease your operation and boost your playout automation. This is done thanks to our powerful software, modern playout centers and specialized operators.



Channelmaker is wTVision’s playout software and one of the most flexible playout automation solutions in the market, allowing you to easily create, optimize and expand a TV channel.

Playout Automation

Turnkey Solution

ChannelMaker-in-a-box is a robust single-rack unit system that does the job of a traditional automation system. It combines with wTVision Media Playout Server (video server), a real-time graphic engine and other add-ons, delivering a complete and ready-to-use playout solution.

Playout Automation

Complete Ecosystem

Our solutions include an Ingest and Trimming tool, a Media Asset Manager, that keeps track of all available media across the network, and a powerful 3D Graphics Render Engine, that is the preferable choice of thousands of producers worldwide.


Media Tools is a powerful ingest and trimming solution to enrich your video workflow.

3d Graphics Render Engine

R³ Space Engine is a flexible real-time 3D render engine and intuitive 3D graphics designer.

Media Asset Management

wTVision Media Manager adds power to your production, by keeping track of all available media

Legal Recording

Recall is a robust turnkey system for legal recording and on-air content review.

Playout Automation

Working Models

We develop local, cloud-based and hybrid playout solutions. Our hybrid models combine the reliability of traditional automation with the remote accessibility and scalability of the cloud. We work with 4 basic models: On-Premises, Public Cloud, wTVision Private Cloud and Hybrid.



Our On-Premises model is a fully hosted solution with no cloud infrastructure. The basic playout automation model, that offers scalable, flexible and customizable channel demands.



Our Hybrid model is a cloud-based solution managed on AWS infrastructure, whith the playout taking place in the client’s premises or other infrastructure of choice.


wTVision Private Cloud

Our wTVision Private Cloud model uses wTVision Data and Playout Centers, monitored 24/7, and has a remote sequencing option, offering the possibility of a remote operation while maintaining the guarantees of a local playout.


Public Cloud

Our Public Cloud model is a fully hosted AWS (Amazon Web Services) solution with no external dependencies (except IP Decoder).

Playout Automation

Remote Playout

Your operators or our specialized staff are able to control your channel’s rundown working remotely, thanks to our web-based system designed for this purpose. It makes it easy to ensure a remote environment at any given moment and guarantees safety and backup systems.

We’re prepared to playout content for:

Live or pre-recorded tv channels.

Event-driven / temporary channels.

Global channels and complex regionalized channels.


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