Data distribution

Data Distribution

wTVision is able to provide official data for sports competitions or integrate statistics from external sources.

Data distribution

Data Management

Using our data management system we provide end-to-end services to create and manage flexible and adaptable web-based solutions for multiple sports.

Data distribution

Data Distribution Solutions

Thanks to wTVision’s data solutions, competitions can distribute official data to teams and federations, official apps or websites, reports, and media partners. Together with our interactive tools, our data solutions make it possible to analyse data in depth and redistribute it.

Data distribution

Scalable and Accessible

We develop web applications to deliver relevant data, reports, statistics, and the most important game clips (such as goals, shots, saves) to clubs, federations, journalists, commentators, or other media related companies.

What we can provide:

Data feeds


Match centers

Official apps and websites

Commentator Tool

Interactive Tablets


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