Sports Live Shows

Live Shows

A huge part of sports coverage comes before and after the match. TV channels have been demanding deeper analysis, statistics, and understanding of sports and wTVision has been providing live shows solutions for sports-driven content.

Sports Live Shows

Build your live sports show to cover every competition

Our live automation solutions make it easy for journalists and commentators to analyze every match with data updated in real-time. Our interactive tools (such as tablets, touchscreen solutions, and commentator apps) can be integrated into your workflow.

Sports Live Shows

Real-time Standings

Show viewers standings in real-time, highlights from every sport, and results with data provided by wTVision or integrated from external sources.

Sports Live Shows

AR Sports Virtual Sets

Build your virtual set and adapt the design to the competition you are covering, with the aid of our live Augmented Reality solutions and broadcast design team.

What we can provide:

Data and Statistics in Real-Time

Touchscreen Solutions

Social Media and Polls

Analysis Tools

Virtual Sets

Sports Live Shows
Some of our sports Live Shows projects

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