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wTVision is a leading company in sports statistics and real-time graphics worldwide. Our expertise covers a wide range of sports and locations, offering a unique combination of experience and flexibility.

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Data Gathering
for any Sport

Sports coverage demands more than raw data, sports fans want improved statistics and detailed analysis of all events. wTVision develops an array of state of the art data management systems to provide the best comparisons and data storage capabilities in the market.


We can cover every sport live event


Scouting Systems

wTVision develops scouting systems through a continual improvement process, with an intuitive user interface specifically designed for each sport in order to gather statistical information and manage it in real time.

These systems provide the official statistics for some of the biggest sports competitions on the planet across a wide range of sports.


Movement Tracking

Knowing that no sports broadcast is complete without information regarding the player’s performance, our tracking solutions offer you multiple possibilities regarding the action on site.

We're capable of providing performance data like average speed, distances or heat maps. wTVision also integrates with all the major graphic engines and can operate any kind of sporting event.



Our sports products integrate data coming from external sources and third-party technologies, including timing systems, scoreboards, GPS and RFID systems.

wTVision is always exploring new ways of integrating, gathering and displaying data to bring the most accurate, complete and updated information to the viewers.


Broadcast Graphics

After receiving the branding from the client or from our broadcast design team, our specialists implement the graphics, integrating all the requirements demanded by your operation with any platform in the market.

R³ Space Engine is wTVision’s flexible real-time 3D render engine that seamlessly integrates with the rest of wTVision’s technology, but we’re also prepared to work with the major brands in the market like Vizrt, Avid, Ross Video or ChyronHego.


SportStats Suite

Our SportStats Suite products have two main integrated applications: the data gathering system and the graphics controller to control the graphic engine chosen for the project, and with which the client, or our operators, will manage the graphics during the sporting event.

Virtual Solutions

Augmented Reality

Learn all about our Augmented Reality solutions for Sports right here. Adaptable to any sport or arena, built with wTVision’s software or adaptable to the existing infrastructure.


Operation Services

Determined to create the best experience for sports fans, wTVision has developed the knowledge to guarantee the operation for any kind of sport competition in every kind of environment. A unique operational capacity together with our professionals’ expertise make our operation services some of the most effective and demanded in the market. Our sports products are designed to be portable and flexible allowing our specialized operators to go anywhere in the globe and cover all kinds of sporting events.


Data Solutions

Web Applications

Discover how we transform raw data into valuable information for media, federations, clubs, and commentators.

Giant Screens

Our single operator solution to manage giant screens include a data scouting system, a graphics controller, a ticker manager and an advertising clips manager.


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