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Our experts are ready to enhance your next Virtual Production. Whether you need a Virtual Set or Augmented Reality that takes your show to a whole new level, we can handle it all in real time.

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TV show from scratch

Whether creating Augmented Reality graphics or complex Virtual Sets, our creative team knows how to start from scratch when designing TV shows.

We specialize in creating virtual sets, animated 3D graphics, and live video inputs for TV shows such as elections, entertainment, and advertising.

Virtual Solutions

What We Offer



wTVision’s expertise and technology will allow your show to have an upgraded level of photorealism thanks to its multiple integrations with numerous engines.


Virtual Solutions

Our team is highly experienced in the development of augmented reality solutions. Our live production tools allow broadcasters to add wonder to any live show format and intuitively generate high-quality augmented reality graphics and virtual sets.


Multiple Integrations and Services

As an independent virtual production service provider, we can do partial or complete services at your studio or at our own infrastructures. We work with Unreal directly or third-party virtual production solutions like Aximmetry, Pixotope and for Body Motion Capture.

Why Choose Us?

Key Features

Rental and installation of camera and talent tracking solutions (Stype, Trackmen, Ncam, EZ Track, AirPixel);

Rental, installation and operation of Virtual Production solutions (Unreal, Aximmetry, Pixotope);

Programming and configuring Video and Unreal graphics playout for greenscreen, led walls, set extension and augmented reality;

Data management with proprietary Studio CG software to control the dynamic content of the Unreal graphics;

Creative design of virtual set and/or unreal graphics scenes;

Design implementation within unreal, including blueprinting;

Rental, installation and operation of Motion Capture solutions.

Production Control Room

Our own infrastructure

Designed for live shows, to record exclusive content or corporate events, our studio and virtual set is integrated in the company’s headquarters in Lisbon and is powered by wTVision’s technology.

Whether you already have a strong design concept that you wish to adapt or you’re looking for a creative agency that can also integrate your AR graphics, our team can provide you with a tailored solution specifically designed for your needs.

Our Virtual Sets

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