FIFA World Cup 2022 GRFX Solution

This is an out-of-the-box, customizable, plug and play solution, bundled or individually picked, of real time GRFX solutions designed for covering the 2022 FIFA’s World Cup.


FIFA World Cup 2022 on TV: everything you need

The solution consists of one of three GRFX components, all pre-configured to display Opta’s World Cup real time data feed.

wTVision tools

  • Ticker
  • L-Bar
  • Touchscreen



Our interactive touchscreen solutions increases the dynamic and audience engagement of any broadcast. It can integrate with wTVision’s complete PCR workflow or work as a stand-alone system. In addition, this touchscreen solution can have an add on that allows Augmented Reality integration controlled by the touchscreen itself and enhances the visual experience.

Main Benefits

  • Interactivity and enhanced insights
  • Telestrator tool to highlight players or clips and easily show the matches’ statistics
  • Seamlessly integration with any of the main systems
  • Video import in real time
  • Data display from external sources
  • Social media integration
  • AR graphics Add on


wTVision designed a setup with Studio CG (on-air graphics and video controller) as the driving force behind the production of a show, where live updates and events from competitions all over the world are the main focus. The product combines broadcast graphics automation and continuous integration of live data.



wTVision’s setup includes Studio Core and the Content Management Site. It is possible to select multiple rundowns, change highlights, integrate relevant news and broadcast ads in a simple, intuitive way Integrated with real-time data to drive the on-air coverage, including fixtures, standing, results and real-time events.


Optionals and Business Model

Business Model

wTVision’s new FIFA World Cup 2022 product license lasts for 2 weeks before the Championship and up to one week after.

The license can also be extended after 2022 FIFA’s World Cup and customized for other competitions.


The World Cup Products can run over client’s engine (to confirm case by case) or be integrated with wTVision’s R³ SPACE ENGINE & DESIGNER which provides flexible real-time 3D design.
Hardware can also be rented during this period.
wTVision has an agreement with OPTA to provide data in case of need and integrate it in to the World Cup Products.

The integration fees must be confirmed with the wTVision representative.


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