wTVision surfs the biggest waves with WSL

January 14, 2015

Reinforcing last year’s partnership, WSL chose wTVision to broadcast its most recent surf competition: the Big Waves World Tour.

SurfStats CG is the solution wTVision’s operators are using to import the official data and to manage the WSL graphics in real-time, during the events.(you can watch a video of Punta Galea Event here)

Big Waves World Tour is a competition with 6 events held in 6 countries (Chile, Peru, South Africa, Mexico, Spain and Hawaii).

About the partnership, WSL producer Jason Rem, remarks: “The wTVision team has shown unparalleled dedication in helping with the creation and execution of our graphics package for the WSL world tour. Their operators work very hard to not only execute graphics, but also add value by understanding our sports workflow and having graphics ready when we need them. The main office has supported us all year with testing, coding and creating processes that make running our robust graphics package much easier”.

“Following the consistent work we have been doing for WSL at the World Championship Tour, ​wTVision is now covering a Big Wave World Tour event for the first time, a competition with a new format, involving the broadcast of 7 heats with 6 surfers per heat. It was an amazing challenge for wTVision’s team”, commented André Câmara, wTVision’s Project Manager for surf events.

For 2015, wTVision has already scheduled the coverage of 45 surf events with WSL.

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