wTVision covers Maldives Presidential Elections

October 3, 2018

In a partnership with PSM, wTVision designed and provided the real time graphics and augmented reality, and integrated the official results in the most innovative election coverage in Maldives’ democracy.

wTVision covered the Maldives Presidential Elections, for the Public Service Media (PSM) Channel, the local public broadcaster, managing the official data and providing the real-time graphics and Augmented Reality in the most innovative election coverage in Maldives’ democracy.

In a collaboration with PSM, wTVision developed both creative and technical aspects of the operation to implement the real-time graphics and the live Augmented Reality. PSM left on wTVision’s hands the complete branding design of the electoral night including the logo, opening title, wipes and all the on-air graphics used during the live show. All the Augmented Reality graphics were also developed by wTVision’s design team.

Elections CG, wTVision’s dedicated software that imports, manages and transforms detailed data into high resolution graphics, in real-time, followed the statistical progress thanks to a web application designed specifically for this project. Every voting box inserted the official results into the app and data was then gathered, validated and aired.

In addition, journalists were also provided with a dedicated web application that constantly updated detailed information about results, votes counted and changes in the leading board. This interactive tool supported political analysts in the unpredictability of the election night.

This was the first time Maldives TV audience got the chance to follow their local election with such unique and innovative virtual graphics.


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