wTVision gets speed on Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge

May 13, 2013

wTVision is providing graphics services for Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge season in Portugal, Spain and Brazil.

wTVision’s team is present during all circuit stages managing the whole graphics operation. Motorsports Stats CG is being used to integrate each circuit official timing system, turn the data into graphics that present valuable information and useful analysis to viewers. wTVision is also using its new web commentator that presents the competition related data, in real-time. All graphics templates were designed by wTVision.

Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge is broadcast by SporTV Brazil.

Since 2010, the company has been a strong presence in several South American motor competitions, covering competitions such as: StockCar, GT3, Formula Truck, TNT SuperBike, Mercedes Challenge, Top Race, Copa Marcas and Copa Montana.

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