wTVision helps in the modernization of ¡Hola!TV

April 20, 2015

In the past month of March, ¡Hola!TV, in USA, entrusted wTVision, in partnership with Unitecnic and ImaginaUS, to support their channel’s workflow upgrade by implementing its current graphic line, in a new graphics system, for all their studio programs: “Mundo Hola”, “¡Hola! Diario”, “Conexion ¡Hola!”, “¡Hola! Fashion”, “¡HOLALA!”, “¡Hola! Cinema” and “On Cinema”.

Besides the “transition” of the whole graphic line, ¡Hola!TV has elected Studio CG as their on-air graphic’s playout controller. wTVision did the graphic integration with its software, that was also integrated with Avid Newsroom system, through wTVision iNews ActiveX plugin with graphics preview. This plugin when installed on a journalist Newsroom System workstation, allows him to choose from the program's existing graphic templates and to edit its content directly. This content will appear in a preview window, and will be instantly available for playout on Studio CG via wTVision’s MOS Gateway. This solutions brings advantages to the workflow by enabling the journalist to see and confirm all changes made before on-air, avoiding mistakes during the live show, and spending less time and human resources in the show's preparation.

Studio CG is the wTVision’s controller application for any PCR. It easily integrates with third party graphic engines, video players, mixers and routers. It is an extremely flexible, and a highly customizable and reliable software solution, becoming an added value to any production room or outside broadcast environment.

¡Hola!TV it’s a very good example of the successful partnership between wTVision, Unitecnic and Imagina US. Since the first broadcast day in HolaTV channels (LATAM and US) that these 3 companies have worked together to achieve a unique goal: to help the growth and the modernization of HolaTV channels.

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