wTVision is inviting visitors to play a hand of poker on company’s booth at NAB

March 13, 2013

At NAB 2013, wTVision will showcase Poker Stats CG, a real-time graphics control software for live Poker Events. This station will include a RFID table and cards where visitors can play a hand of Poker and watch the game graphics updating in Real-Time.

wTVision will also be displaying two stations with distinct on-air graphics products – SportStats CG, Studio CG and its Playout System – ChannelMaker.

SportStats CG is a flexible sports software compatible with all graphics engines that enables data collection, comparison and management as well as transformation data into On-Air Graphics. All in Real-Time.

SportStats CG possess dedicated data scouting depending on the sport (it can adapts to over 40 different sports). On this station wTVision will have a special focus on Soccer, Basketball and American Football.

Studio CG is a cross-platform Character Generator, capable of producing a wide range of graphics for Newscasts, Studio Shows and more. This product will include a station to show its integration with ENPS newsroom system.

ChannelMaker is a very flexible and scalable Playout Automation, with an integrated controller for advanced On-Air Graphics. Due to its open architecture ChannelMaker can be easily connected to the client’s existing infrastructure, by integrating with a wide range of third-party broadcast devices, or it can be set up as a channel-in-a-box solution.

There will be also a Showreel station with several projects the company worked on across the globe.

wTVision’s booth: SL14513. Click here to check location.

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