wTVision’s headquarters in Miami boost live sports broadcasts in the region

September 2, 2021

Since 2013 wTVision has been an active player providing the best live sports solutions through its headquarters in Miami. Today, our US offices are guaranteeing live sports coverage every day, in multiple languages and multiple continents.

wTVision US has been part of some of the world’s biggest sports competitions, providing real-time graphics and data, operation services, augmented reality solutions, and data distribution tools.

This year, our Miami offices were involved in matches for Conmebol Libertadores, Sudamericana and Super Cup, International Friendlies, Concacaf World Cup Qualifiers, the Canadian Premier League, MotoAmerica among others. All of these projects while providing adaptable Sports solutions that include complete virtual stadiums, augmented reality integrated with data, or simply real-time graphics with operation services.

What started as a new wTVision opportunity to expand in a country where the company had already established one Playout Centre, is now a vital part of wTVision’s live sports operation, with great advantages regarding the experience and the adaptability that are part of the company.

Solutions and Broadcast graphics are provided in 3 different languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish and our team’s years of experience allow projects to adapt to the environment, country, and competition they are covering.

All of this, of course, having wTVision’s software stack at the core, making it easy to quickly set up live coverage for any sport, even in a remote environment.

wTVision’s Miami offices are now growing into one of the main players in the region, with live operations happening every day in all corners of North and South America.

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