wTVision proposes more integration to achieve greater control in NAB 2014

March 7, 2014

New product releases are being presented to complement wTVision’s more complex offers.

(In order to enter NAB without paying an entry fee, you can use wTVision's Guest Pass Code, LV7796, HERE. If you need any extra information, feel free to contact us.)

wTVision will present its latest technological developments under the theme “One Man Show” in this year’s NAB tradeshow, at the stand SL4705, in the South Lower Hall. The software that will be showcased includes the new version of Studio CG, which allows a single operator to control a graphics engine and a video server simultaneously, Channel Maker, now available with all components being developed by wTVision, and SportStats CG - Single Operation Edition, a solution optimized for broadcasters and federations who want to cover sports events with small budgets.

The stand will portray 3 stations, each containing demonstrations specific to one of the aforementioned solutions. The station with Studio CG will present a single operator managing an entire newscast, including graphics, clip playout and source switching. We’re also showing the software’s ability to integrate with newsroom systems, with booth demos of ENPS and iNews.

Channel Maker this year is demonstrating a full video and graphics stack powered by wTVision, including wTVision Video Server, and announcing wTVision’s own Graphics CG solution. This release can also be managed, as a whole, by a single operator, due to a series of automated and streamlined processes, and includes graphic templates, sequencing, playout automation as well as media validation tools. Channel Maker is already being used as a playout automation system in several major TV channels around the world and allows integration with all major graphic platforms in the market.

The last station, containing SportStats CG - Single Operation Edition, portraits a version of this software that can also be handled by just a single operator, allowing the data collection and graphics playout to be carried out with ease. wTVision is currently providing solutions to 9 football leagues, with some of those leagues’ data collection and graphics playout being controlled by this software and one-man operations. wTVision’s wide sports portfolio includes more than 40 sports and 4500 yearly live broadcasts.

Working in a service model, a project-oriented basis or just selling one of its turn-key products, wTVision is providing software solutions for hundreds of projects over the world. wTVision's offers to the broadcast market include: Software, Design, Consulting, HR Outsourcing and Live Operation Services.


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