Production Studio

Production Studio

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Designed for live shows, to record exclusive content or corporate events, our studio and virtual set is integrated in the company’s headquarters in Lisbon and is powered by wTVision’s technology.

Production Studio

Photorealistic Virtual Sets

By being able to generate photorealistic virtual sets, we can elevate your production value, engaging and entertaining viewers.The quality of the virtual scenography presented is the result of a unique system that allows the implementation of innovative concepts and makes the best of the space, giving an accurate notion of depth and realism.

Unreal Engine Integration

Unreal Engine can be integrated with wTVision's control applications and rendering engine. This provides an exciting combination of extremely high-quality photorealistic sets, making your show unique. A full integration tailored specifically for broadcast graphics and AR.

The studio is equipped with a system that allows you to broadcast and capture content in HD and 1080p, with three robotic Telemetris cameras, a dolly and a lifting column. To generate the virtual scenography, we use Ultimatte keyer from BlackMagic, the most efficient solution on the market, and each camera has an independent chroma keyer.

Production Studio

Integrated Production Control Room

Our studio is equipped with a complete PCR to control audio, robotic cameras and distribute your show either through our highly connected facility via fiber / satellite or stream live to your platform of choice.
We’re also able to bring in live content from other locations via the same interconnectivity (fiber and satellite) or through the public internet. Additionally, you can add a Skype or Zoom calling to any show in a simple intuitive way.

Production Studio


Our studio has all the commodities to accommodate large production teams, TV hosts, make-up teams, directors and operators. Based on wTVision’s headquarters, in Lisbon, there you’ll find a dedicated team, equipped changing rooms, free parking for the entire staff and a live production workflow suited for your particular project.

Live Production

Sound Recording

Choose wTVision for all your sound recording needs. We've got you covered for all your high-quality sound recording needs. Get in contact with our experts to know more.

Sound Solutions

Our high-quality sound studio offers a range of capabilities, including voiceovers, direct sound for TV, cinema, and advertising, audio description, and sound capture projects.

Latest Technology

Our experienced team uses the latest technology for mastering, sound design, and audio post-production, ensuring excellent sound quality. With our fully soundproof cabin and ability to record voice in the highest quality, we produce voice-overs for documentaries, films, corporate videos and spots for Radio.

End-to-end Solutions

wTVision has the ability to create a project from scratch or simply adapt an existing concept. The location of the studio, integrated in the wTVision technological hub in Lisbon, offers speed and efficiency in solving the biggest technical challenges, enhanced by the proximity of different development teams.
Our creative team also plays a huge role with its years of experience designing virtual sets, as well as creating 3D virtual graphics to implement to your broadcast. wTVision’s broadcast design team can transform simple guidelines into rich graphic projects for any event, live show or advertising campaign.

Production Studio

Studio Chroma

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Our Studio Projects
We have years of experience designing multi-angle virtual sets, augmented reality graphics and virtual solutions for any TV show, corporate event or advertisement project.

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