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The wTVision Media Ingester supports IP and SDI inputs, transforming video and compressed IP sources into file-based media. The wTVision Media Trimmer allows you to cut videos into segments (virtual or real), enabling you to extract clips from the most used video file formats. Two processes, the same software and interface.

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Main Benefits



Interface designed to be extremely easy to use



Supports IP or SDI inputs and encodes video in the most popular formats



Ingest, trim and send your files to the network from one single interface



Easily included in your existing workflow. Integrates with the major technologies in the market.

Why Choose Us

Key Features

Supports IP and SDI inputs

Ingest previews with audio bars

Supports automated workflows as well as manual operation

Encodes your videos in the most popular formats

Ingests to the network based storage directly

Export clips while working on a different job

Work in multiples files at the same time

Thumbnail preview

Join and trim multiple clips into a single media file

Configurable export profiles

Graphics & Video


Configure multiple video sources, record it uninterruptedly and encode video in your format of choice (DV25, DV50, DV100, XDCAM HD 50, H264, among others). The software allows you to preview audio and video from each source individually and start or stop the video recording at any time.

Graphics & Video


Export the video extracts you wish while ingesting. You can also import video clips from your network, edit and export them again ready to go on-air. Preview audio and video. Browse from frame-to-frame until 15x speed to find the exact moment you want to begin or end your video clips. Unify multiple video extracts or export them separately on the file format desired.

Enrich your video workflow