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wTVision Media Manager

Our media asset management solution adds power to any production operation by keeping track of all available media across the network and making sure it reaches the intended destination. The software automatically identifies new content on the entire network and allows you to categorize and organize it the way you wish. Browse for the content you need and use it everywhere - the system automatically transfers the content for where it's needed.

Production Control Room

Main Benefits



From one interface you can easily find, catalog, preview, transfer, and manage all media available on your network



Thanks to a web-based interface and solution, you can manage all media available from everywhere


User Management

Give access to all your team, creating different types of users with different permissions



Create as many tags as you wish for each content to easily find what you need at any time

Why Choose Us

Key Features

Browse/Search content on the entire network

Catalog with common fields (title, description, tags) and user defined metadata

Transfer/deletion requests

Manage your storage space by deleting and archiving by date

Automatically transfer media across all the network, according to requests

Automatically catalogs media with information like file name, file size, creation date, video and audio codecs, bit rates, sizes, frames duration, video formats, and thumbnails

Production Control Room

Connect an entire network on the same place

Thanks to Media Agents spread to all devices you wish, you can automatically track all media content available on your network, categorize and use them at any other device on your network. The Media Agents identify the new content available and transfer the media content needed on each device when requested.

Production Control Room

Alerts & Warnings

By analyzing all media content available on the network, wTVision Media Manager alerts users for any existing problem (like duplicate content) or warns of any action needed, to verify all media is ready to go on-air when requested.

Manage all your content easily!